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ZYMON Nursery-Garden of Decorative Shrubs was founded in 1977. Initially it was a nursery-garden of narrow specialization. We started production of magnolias. Over the years we developed and our assortment widened by including heather plants, coniferous and leaved shrubs. 


At the moment the garden area of container production is 10 ha and 1 ha of glasshouse and foil tunnels. We produce the whole assortment by ourselves, starting from rooting cuttings to the sale of grown material. We focus on the kinds and specimens which are adapted to the Polish climate and are not problematic in winter. Each specimen is tested for a few years before it is introduced to cultivation.

By applying new technologies, we achieved very good results regarding the quality of produced shrubs. As a confirmation, we were awarded the quality certificate “Wielkopolska Jakość (Quality)”, and a few golden medals.

Our recipients are gardening centers, supermarkets and individual customers. Owing to our rich assortment, the number of novelties introduced to the sale every year and high quality material a major part of the production is exported to many european countries. I hope that in our new offer you will find interesting positions. I recommend especially several novelties among coniferous plants, and also the new quality of magnolias in the stem form which possesses the nice, straight trunk and formed crown. 

I am warmly invited to visit our nursery-garden.  

Stanisław Zymon


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